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Alpine Karst

Cave Books, 21.5 x 28 cm, softbound, cave maps, ill., graphics, B/W photos.
Nonfiction, Exploration
Vol. 1, 2004: 19.– Euro

Vol. 2, 2006: 19.– Euro

Vol. 3, 2008: 19.– Euro

Alpine Karst is a publication of the Alpine Karst Foundation, Montana, USA. The purpose of the Foundation is exploration and study of alpine karst for the enrichment of human knowledge and the advancement of science. The publication emphasizes
caves and karst in the alpine, mountainous regions of North America, Europe and the world.

Alpine Karst, 2008, Vol. 3...in the beginning
Editor: Tina Oliphant

Introduction to Alpine Karst, Nos 1 & 2
Alpine Karst, No. 1, 1975
Alpine Karst, No. 2, 1976
Introduction to Alpine Karst, Nos 3 & 4
Alpine Karst, No. 3, 1977
Alpine Karst, No. 4, 1978
Introduction to Inside Earth, No. 4
Article One: Lost Creek Siphon, A Montana Challenge
Article Two: Scapegoat Montana Wilderness Caving

Alpine Karst, 2004, Vol. 1
Editors: Joe and Tina Oliphant

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Articles by page):
1 The Smoking Entrance Expedition
3 Silvertip 1996
7 1999 Silvertip Expedition Journal
13 1981 Exploration of Moon Ray Cave
23 South Silvertip Plateau
28 End of the Season
31 Lost Creek Siphon
45 Continued Exploration of West Boulder Cave
48 Musings on the Geology of Lost Creek Siphon
55 Trick Falls Glacier National Park
59 Vision Quest at Pi’tamakan
61 Dreamin’Deep, A Tale of a Geezer and a Gouffre
65 Ultralight Single Rope Techniques for Alpine Caving
70 A Few Leads Left Behind, UNA Mountain
72 Redemption
75 Nielsons Cave, A Western Classic
99 Preliminary Geology of Nielsons Cave
106 Colorado’s Highest Caves
109 Early Cave Exploration in the Marble Mountains, California
111 Marble Mountains Cave Review
114 The Geology of the Marble Mountains of Northern California
121 Hoher Göll – Austria
125 Another Crack at Blowing in the Wind Cave, Alaska
128 Breakthrough, Alpine Caving Wetsuit
129 An Alpine Karst Moment

Alpine Karst, 2006, Vol. 2
Editors: Joe and Tina Oliphant

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Articles by page):
1 A Reconstruction of Late Holocene Climate in the Teton Area from Layers of Sediment Contained in Ice from Fossil Mountain Ice Cave, Teton County, Wyoming
15 Blood Runs Through The Mountain
23 Beyond Silvertip, 2003
26 Summer 2004, Sergeant Mountain
31 Exploration in the Bob Marshall Wilderness — Montana, Summer 2005
35 Gravity Slide Caves on Inactive Thrust Fault
Surfaces, Eastern Front, Sawtooth Range, Montana
43 Hypogene Cave Development in the Little Belt Mountains of Central Montana
47 Early Exploration of Alpine Caves in Montana
51 Geology of Oregon Cave Revisited
57 Alpine Caves, Mines, and Sulfuric Acid
58 Ridge Walking High in the Eagle Cap Wilderness
64 Tune your SRT Rig
67 Geology of Poia Lake Cave, Glacier National Park, Montana
87 Skilunking in Montana
91 Scapegoat Moutain River Cave
105 Croatia and the Deep Caves of Northern Velebit
125 The Folliu Borna Cave System, Swiss Prealps
129 A Hole in the Sky
132 Gear-o-Mania
133 101 Hours Under the Mountain
139 From Holes in the Floor to the Penthouse; First Ascent of the 200-Foot Aven in Castleguard Cave
152 Castleguard Cave, An Evolving Parks Canada Poject
156 The Petzl S61 NEST Rescue Stretcher
158 Results of Bulgarian-Albanian Speleological Research in Albania (1991-2005)