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Reader's Digest Association, 2008
The Secrets of
Underground Britain
Hidden History, Wartime Secrets, Modern Mysteries

Set of 3 DVDs; Language: English. Each DVD is 55 minutes.

12.– Euro
(Original Price: 47.– €)


Embark upon an incredible journey deep into subterranean Britain as Reader’s Digest gains unprecedented access to hidden, underground locations the length and breadth of the country. Explore the ghostly streets below Edinburgh, the forgotten tube stations beneath London, and the secret Government bunkers built during World War II. Mysteries abound, below the streets and countryside of Britain.

Hidden History delves into secrets from the Norman to the Victorian times, to show you long-forgotten caves, historical forts and mines.

Wartime Secrets leads you on a voyage of discovery through the top-secret shelters and tunnels constructed during World War II.

Modern Mysteries brings you to hidden nuclear bunkers and underground cities constructed during, and in the aftermath of, the Cold War.

Hidden History
Be amazed by tales of Britain’s hidden caves, forgotten catacombs and mysterious tunnels.

Wartime Secrets
From Liverpool to Dover, Westminster to Woolwich, see the underground hideouts that would hide a secret army – ready to attack if Germany had landed troops in Britain during WW2.

Modern Mysteries
Lift the lid on Britain’s Cold War bunkers. Journey deep underground to Veryan, one of the few remaining Royal Observer Corps posts...Kelvden Hatch in Essex...to today’s secret underground seed store.

Discover the secrets you were never supposed to know!

Travel to places you were never supposed to see!