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Proyecto Cerro Rabón
Expedition Report

1990 – 1994, Oaxaca, Mexico 1996, 192 pages, over 200 illustrations, format: 21 x 29.7 cm.
Softbound: 30.– Euro
Hardbound: 49.90 Euro
Report of the speleological expeditions with cave maps and descriptions includ-ing contributions on: Expedition history, forest ecology, ethnography, geography, geology, hydrogeology, karstification, spe-leogenesis, and archaeology. The massif of Cerro Rabón is situated in south central Mexico (state of Oaxaca) at the eastern margin of the mountain chain of the Sierra Madre Oriental; local-ly called the Sierra Mazateca. This intense-ly karstified limestone plateau towers over 2000 meters above the tropical low-lands of the Gulf of Mexico..

Systematic exploration of the plateau began in 1985 by a group of American and Swiss cavers. Beginning in 1987, international expedi-tions have been organized every other year to this date. Yearly investigations into the plateau have grown in scientific dimension as well as physical area