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KWI Publications
Scientific Proceedings


Scientific Carsologica Series, Postojna

Bargains/ Schnäppchen / Prix choques


Rock & Wall Climbing - The essential Guide to Equipment & Techniques
Garth Hattingh, 2009 : CHF 12; 9 Euro

Microhabitats: Life in a Cave, Clare Oliver, 2002 : CHF 7; 5 Euro

Radical Sports, Caving, Chris Howes, 2002 : CHF 3.30; 2.70 Euro

Looking for Lola : CHF 8.–; 6.– Euro

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Karst Waters Institute Publications
Scientific Proceedings

Time in Karst
Climate Change-The Karst Record, IV
Hydrogeology & Biology of Post Paleozoic Carbonate Aquifers
Mapping Subterranean Biodiversity
Climate Change: The Karst Record (CD version only)
Karst Modeling (CD version only)

Zalozba ZRC Publications, Postojna, Slovenia
Scientific Carsologica Series:

The Protection of Karst Waters

Epikarst– A Promising Habitat

Incomplete Solution: Weathering of Cave Walls and the Production, Transport and Deposition Of Carbonate Fines

Characteristics of Recharge-Discharge Relations in Karst Aquifer

Evolution of Karst: From Prekarst to Cessation

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Caves and Karst of the USA

Editors: A. & M. Palmer, 2009. Softbound, 445 pages, English text.

A guide to the significant cave and karst areas of US.

CHF 59.–; Euro 45.–

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50 Years of Texas Caving

It is the "be-all-end-all" chronicle of Texas caving for more than 50 years.

CHF 45; Euro 40.–

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Axis Mundi, DVD, 2009

English with French subtitles, 52 min.

CHF 35.–; Euro 26.–

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2005 AWARD WINNER at the 14th International Congress of Speleology!
Howard M. Beck, 2003

Beneath the Cloud Forests
A History of Cave Exploration in Papua New Guinea

"The story unfolds like a drama, a compelling narrative of survival both above and below ground..."


Alpine Caving Techniques
A Complete Guide to Safe and Efficient Caving
" If you are interested in a single source textbook on European caving technique, buy this one. You will not be disappointed." – Jay Kennedy, NSS News

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Corinne Kolly, Sylvie Nussbaumer, 2002
Illustrated children's book

Looking for Lola

On a mountain meadow high up in the alps, Jack the shepherd has lost his favorite goat, Lola. Ready to help, two cavers adventure into a nearby cave in hopes of rescuing her...

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