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Caving Calendar
Calendrier spéléologique

Gouffre Berger, L'esprit d'équipe, 2014

Hardbound, English & français, 254 pages

CHF 74.–; 66.– Euro


Die Höhlen der Ermitage bei Arlesheim, 2014

Broschiert, 128 Seiten

CHF 29.–; 24.– Euro


Classic Darksite Diving – Cave diving sites of Britain and Europe, Martyn Farr, 2013

CHF 40.–; 32.– Euro


Companion book to Martyn Farr's...

Diving in Darkness, CHF 32: Euro 25


A Quest for the Secrets of Xibalba (Mexico), Motycka, Hutnan & Husak, 2013

Hardbound, 113 pages, numerous color photos, maps and a separate large map of Sistema K'oox Baal, Quintana Roo

CHF 36.–; 29.– Euro

Bue Marino
Way under the valley
(Sardinia), Daniel Hutnan, 2013

Bilingual: English & Czech

CHF 17.–; 13.– Euro

American Caving Calendar 2015

Monthly photos of US caves, 30.5 x 23 cm

16.– CHF; 13.– Euro

The River of Swallows – A brief guide to the environmental features of the Puerto Princesa Underground River - Philippines, LaVenta, 2013

CHF 16.–; 12.– Euro

Cueva del Rio La Venta – An underground dream, LaVenta, 2013

CHF 35.–; 27.– Euro



Bargains/ Schnäppchen / Prix choques

Caves of Romania 2D/3D
Pesteri din Romania 2D/3D

2013 Special/Aktion:

CHF 25; Euro 19.–
(Normal: CHF 29; Euro 22.–)

Inside Mother Earth, Max Wisshak, 2008

Coffee-table photo book
Special reduced price!
CHF 29.–; Euro 21.–
(Original price: CHF 82.–; Euro 49.90)

Looking for Lola

La chèvre perdue

Lola's Höhlen-Abenteuer

Reduced Price: CHF 8.–; 6.– Euro

Inventaire du Doubs,
tome 5

Réactualisation des 4 tomes

GIPEK, 2012.

CHF 59.–; € 35.–


Geología de Cuevas – Traducción al español, Art Palmer, 2013

CHF 37.50; 30.– Euro


Bargains/ Schnäppchen / Prix choques


Rock & Wall Climbing - The essential Guide to Equipment & Techniques
Garth Hattingh, 2009 : CHF 12; 9 Euro

Microhabitats: Life in a Cave, Clare Oliver, 2002 : CHF 7; 5 Euro

Radical Sports, Caving, Chris Howes, 2002 : CHF 3.30; 2.70 Euro

These titles are reduced from their original prices!




Welche Fledermaus ist das?

Der praktische Naturführer
für die Jackentasche, 2011

CHF 7.–; 5.– Euro

beobachten, erkennen
und schützen

Klaus Richarz, 2011

CHF 13.–; 10.– Euro

Die Fledermaus

Jugendbuch, 2011.

CHF 13.–; € 10.–


Encyclopedia of Caves, Ed.W.White & D. Culver, 2012

Revised, 37 new articles, 945 pages.


CHF 123.–; 99.– Euro





Expedition Hessenhau, Vorstoß in die Höhle ohne Ende, 2014

Broschiert, 49 Seiten. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Blaukarst e. V.

CHF 10.–; 8.– EuroBestellen/commande/order


Cave Pearls of Meghalaya, Vol. 1, Pala Range & Kopili Valley, Ed. Thomas Arbenz, 2012

Hardbound, 265 pages & CD.

CHF 44.–; 35.– Euro


Premières Rencontres Internationales des Photgraphes du Monde Souterrain

Primo Incontro Internazionale dei Fotografi del Mondo Sotterraneo

First International Meeting of Cave Photographers

A breathtaking photo book about this extraordinary week where 24 of the world's best known cave photography teams captured photos of southern France's spectacular wild caves around Olargues.

Softbound, 174 pages, tri-lingual, 2012

CHF 32.50; 25.– Euro


Speleo Austria 2012, Verein für Höhlenkunde in Obersteier

CHF 39; EURO 30.–


NEW BHB Expedition Reports !

Vol. 56: South Vietnam, Part 2
55: Vietnam, Ninh Binh province
54: Malaysia Cave Register

Vol. 53: Caves of Democratic Republic of Congo

Vol. 52: Meghalaya Syndai, Nongtalang, India

CHF 20.–/ EURO 15.-





Die Höhle

Heft 1-4/ 2014 –63.JG.

CHF 16.–; Euro 12.–


Ilunpetik - Desde la Oscuridad - From the Darkness

Photos of the Basque region and neighboring countries.

Basque, español, English, 2013.

CHF 44; Euro 35.–




Supporting British Cave Science and Exploration!

Notecards/Grusskarten/Cartes depliantes

10 Cards + Envelopes 21 x 15 cm
CHF 13; 10


Die Höhlen des Innerberglis

Les grottes de l’Innerbergli

Autoren / Auteurs: Thomas Bitterli und Philipp Häuselmann

CHF 78.–; 60.– Euro





The subterranean environment Hypogean life, concepts and collecting techniques

L'ambiente sotterraneo Vita ipogea, concetti e tecniche di raccolta

Bi-lingual/ bilingue: English & Italian/ inglese & italiano, 2010

CHF 26; Euro 20.–



Buco Cattivo, 2011

Fotografie: Simone Cerioni & Giampaolo Zaniboni

Prefazione: Massimiliano Scotti, Aurelio Zenobi & Maurizio Mainiero

Monte Valmontagnana, Genga, Marche, Italia

CHF 32.–; 24.– Euro







La France souterraine...gouffres, grottes et cavités

Trente-trois cavités naturelles ouvertes au public, remarquablement illustrées. Photographies et textes de Christophe Levillain.

Français, 2011.

CHF 41; Euro 31.–



La Sima de la Higuera

Monograph, + 3D Booklet & 3D Glasses. Bilingue/Bilingual: Español & English

CHF 35.–; Euro 25.–

2009 UIS Award as a significant publication on a cave or karst topic!

TSINGY Forêt de Pierre – Madagascar
(version français)

TSINGY Stone Forest – Madagascar
(English version)

Grunewald & Wolozan, 2006

CHF 44.–; Euro 34.–

Blind Descent
The Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on Earth

A story about the expeditions into Cheve Cave, in Mexico and Krubera-Voronya, in the Republic of Georgia, and their explorers.

CHF 30.–; Euro 23.–


Las Cuevas con Arte Paleolitico en Cantabria (España), 2010

245 x 330 mm, 387 paginas, en Español.

CHF 79.–; Euro 60.–

Grandes cavités méditerranéennes...Languedoc et Rouergue

CHF 59.–; Euro 45.–

Aus Österreich...

Die Hirlatzhöhle
im Dachstein

CHF 17.–; Euro 13.–


A Bestseller!

Cave Geology by Arthur N. Palmer, English, 2007

CHF 53.–; EURO 40.–



Carsologica Series from the Karst Research Institute, Slovenia:

Names from the Past in Postojnska Jama
(Postojna Cave)

The Protection of Karst Waters - A comprehensive Slovene approach to vulnerability and contamination risk mapping, 2007
Characteristics of Recharge-Discharge Relations in Karst Aquifer, 2002

Epikarst – A Promising Habitat, 2005

Evolution of Karst: From Prekarst to Cessation, 2002

Incomplete Solution: Weathering of Cave Walls and the Production, Transport and Deposition of Carbonate Fines, 2003




50 Years of Texas Caving

It is the "be-all-end-all" chronicle of Texas caving for more than 50 years.

English, by Carl Kunath.

CHF 68; Euro 55.–


HUAUTLA Thirty Years in One of the World's Deepest Caves, 2009

Bill Steele’s entertaining anecdotal stories of the Huautla expeditions between 1977 and 2007. 

CHF 34; Euro 25.–




HÖHLEN - Luxemburgs geheimnisvolle Unterwelt

Erleben Sie die Faszination und die stille Schönheit dieser verborgenen Orte in einer Zeitreise über 50 Jahre Höhlenforschung und Entdeckungen in Luxemburg.

Deutsch, 2009.

CHF 53; Euro 40.–



By Roger Brucker!
Grand, Gloomy and Peculiar
Stephen Bishop at Mammoth Cave

Historical novel told from the perspective of Bishop's wife, Charlotte.

Hardbound: CHF 29; Euro 21
Softbound: CHF 21; Euro 15







The ultimate collectable for any bibliophile! /
Ouvrage recommandé pour tout bibliophile!

Atlas do Janelão

Un ouvrage qui retrace une triple aventure spéléologique, artistique et éditoriale.

A unique work which relates a triple adventure of speleology, art and publishing.

30 x 40 cm en cassette, bilingue- français + portugues

CHF 105.–; Euro 80.–


Caves and Karst of the USA

Edited by A. & M. Palmer, 2009. Softbound, 445 pages, English text.

A guide to the significant cave and karst areas of US.

CHF 57.–; Euro 45.–


Visions Underground: Carlsbad Caverns through the Artist's Eye

History, art & photography; 2009.

CHF 27–; Euro 19.–



Living in Darkness

Female underwater explorer, Stephanie Jutta Schwabe, tells of exploration (Blue Holes, Bahamas), fear, frustrations and the tragic loss of her husband, Rob Palmer.  
CHF 27.–; Euro 19.–

Diving in Darkness: Beneath rock, under ice, into wrecks

Author: Martyn Farr
CHF 32.–; Euro 25.–


Reports from the China Caves Projects...

Lichuan 2006

Yanhe 2008 Expedition, 2010

Guangxi 2005, with large map.

Each Report:
CHF 20; Euro 15

Caves of China, Tianxing 2001-2003, Series 2, Vol 1, 2006 is edited by Erin Lynch & Duncan Collis with poster map.

CHF 20; Euro 15




























Fledermaus Ohrstecker/ Chauve-souris/
Bat Post-Earring

Sterling Silber (S) oder Sterling Silber vergoldet (G)/ Argentée (S) ou plaqué or (G)/ Sterling silver (S) or gold-plated over silver (G)


13 mm: 13 CHF; 10 Euro

G = vergoldet/plaqué or oder/ou

S = Silberfarben (Rhodium)/ Couleur argentée (plaqué rhodium)

Best.-Nr/Art-No: 2376 Fledermaus in Höhle / Chauve-souris valant dans une grotte, 3D
CHF 32.– / € 21.50

Best.-Nr/Art-No: P2376 (Anhänger/ Pendentif) CHF 22.–/ € 14.50
Best.-Nr/Art-No: 1866 Baby Fledermaus / Petite chauve-souris
CHF 26.50/ € 17.50

Schmuck Katalog (CHF)/ Bijouterie Catalogue (CHF)


Best.-Nr/Art-No: 1341 Fledermäuse in Höhle+Perlen /
Chauve-souris valant dans une grotte + perles
CHF 37.– / € 24.50

Best.-Nr/Art-No: P1341 (Anhänger/ Pendentif) CHF 26.50/ € 17.50
Best.-Nr/Art-No: 2380 Fliegende Fledermaus in Höhle, 3-D/ Chauve-souris valant dans grotte, 3-D
CHF 34.50 / € 23.–


Schmuck Katalog (Euro)/ Bijouterie Catalogue (Euro)





DVD Films & CD ROM

Caves, Life Beneath the Forest
Ravenswood Media, 2007.

Language: English
CHF 28.–; Euro 20.–



Axis Mundi, DVD, 2009

Language/Langue: English with French subtitles/
VO anglaise sous-titrée eb français, 52 min.

CHF 35.–; Euro 26.–



Wookey Exposed, DVD, 2005

A journey through time into a flooded underworld beneath the Mendip hills of Southern England.

English soundtrack. Bonus film: Nosey Parker - A film by Leo Dickinson of Rob Parkers 1985 Wookey Explorations.

CHF 33.–; Euro 24.–



Mythos Blautopf –
Expedition ins Dunkel

DVD, 2007
Sprache: Deutsch; 45 Minuten
CHF 25.–; Euro 18.–



A Rock and a Hard Place, DVD, 2003

+ Solo, 1998 (film)
+ Floodpulse
, 1989 (audio)
Language: English

CHF 27.–; Euro 19.–



Speleo Vertical by Andy Sparrow, DVD, 2007

A fully indexed video manual of vertical caving techniques.
Language: English
CHF 27.–; Euro 19.–




China Beneath the Wall, DVD, 2006

Follow a team of British explorers as they attempt to link two of the world's biggest cave systems in central China's Sichuan Province.

English soundtrack. Bonus Material: Socorro - Island of Angels & trailer of To Save the Whale.

CHF 33.–; Euro 24.–



Clair de Roche
The classic book of nudes from Pierre Strinati and Serge Nazarieff.
CHF 22.–; Euro 18.–



Die Brunnensteinhöhle, Dokumentarfilm über eine der schönsten und gefährlichsten Höhlen der Schwäbischen Alb, DVD, 2008 (Deutsche Version)

The Brunnenstein Cave, A documentary film about one of the most beautiful and dangerous caves of the Swabian Mountains, DVD, 2008 (English Version)

Language: English
CHF 20.–; Euro 15.–


Voyage au Centre de la Pierre, DVD, 2003

Langue: Français
CHF 32.–; Euro 22.50







(Shipping and handling not included in prices)